"Well, yeah, so… Uh, yeah, Marsh, we reeaally gotta go…"

But she was cut off by the royalty, “Hold on, Fi, I thought you were adopted…”, he squinted his eyes just the slightest, and, behind him Fionna’s were about to fall from their socks.

"Also… Your skin is blue, girlie.", he said, matter-off- factly, questioning her.

Alex’s face gets grayer as he continued to inspect her. She couldn’t help but just nod and avoid eye contact. She tried her best to remain silent, as she bit her lip, her fangs slightly piercing them. Although, it didn’t bother her much, anymore. She’s endured worse pain than biting her lip.

"Y-yeah, I guess it is sort of blue," she said nervously. Her voice was somewhat cracked, higher than usual as she tried to lower it. he decided not to address Marshall’s observation about Fionna being adopted. "But the lighting is kind off, so… it’s probably why it looks so blue, right?" She gave a nervous smile, looking up to Marshall Lee whom was floating above her. 

"Uhh…Yeah, sure. Haha, these lights are so…", Fionna looked around, trying to find a quick excuse to leave the flip out of that place. Everyone was still partying, only a few pairs of curious eyes were watching the situation, but they weren’t enough to make her feel nervous.

"So?", the Vampire King asked, making her go back to reality, arching an eyebrow with his arms crossed. The blonde glupped under his gaze, and sideglanced the other girl.

"So… So annoying, so we gonna leave right now, right, Alex?"






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*kicks down your door* YO, YOU NEED A STRONGER DOOR!!!!

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Through treacherous woods. || STARTER @intersectionsprettyboy



Fionna wanted to groan in annoyance. Why would he tell her how he felt about that person, but not tell her who they were?!

But she swallowed her irritation, and tried again, “Who?”

She was now walking side by side, next to him, and saw his earrings shine once again. The streetlights were dim, almost as if they were purpousely lighted like that to creat that kind of private and grim atmosphere. What was the reason, she couldn’t figure out.

They were about half way on a street, when she thought she saw movement on the corner. Wind blew, and long, black locks of hair blew along. She stopped walking, and reached out to tug on Intersection’s sleeve, only to refrain from doing so a milisecond before.

"Hey,", she called in a hurried whisper, "I think there’s someone on that corner.", her eyes squinted, and one of her hands went to where she kept her sword, just in case.

Intersection made a “tsk” sound and set his jaw. For some reason, talking about Ryuusuke Fukata always made him more… irritated.

"He’s my opposite." The pretty boy finally admitted. "The White-Clad Pretty Boy— he’s a pain in the ass." 

The streets were quiet— too quiet. Where were the screams Intersection loved to hear so much? Even the streetlights seemed hushed, if that was possible. Certain patches of fog seemed thinner beside the corners of the intersections. Even though this was Nanchou-Shi, it was still far too quiet. 

Intersection noticed the figure as well and stopped his steps. He stared fixedly at the shadow before narrowing his eyes. “…Let’s take a different route.” He almost growled. Whoever it was, Intersection didn’t like and was someone he tried to actively avoid at all costs. 

Without another word, the ghost turned on his heel and walked down the street to the right. 

Her gaze lingered for a few seconds where the movement had been, but there was nothing. Nothing, and she couldn’t believe it; that ebony hair had been so clear, so real… But streetlights didn’t lie, and neither did her eyes. Perhaps it had been just… Just an ilussion? From her sleep deprived mind, yes, that must have happened.

Why would he want to take a different route then?

Nonetheless, she nodded even though the small frown between her brows didn’t erase, and as she started walking, couldn’t help but to take a few looks back.

"So… Pretty White-Clad Boy?", she asked outloud, trying to recall what he had said before she got distracted, "He doesn’t sound that bad… ", her words came between her teeth, and then, a small giggle erupted from her throat. "Pretty boys… Are you all pretty in this town?", she mocked him, but a strange feeling was settling in the pit of her stomach. As if… someone was there. Around them. Watching. Lurking.

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Obligations against Wills.


      The ravenette didn’t attempt to complete the first half of her thought, seeing as though there was nothing left to discuss. Marshall immediately took her word, her description of the beings much like herself. He knew enough to provide justification if she ever doubted herself.

      ❝What kinda business? With an eye brow raised, his lips parted once again to allow him to conclude his thought properly. Business that you wouldn’t care about. he began, a smirk tempting to form on his lips as his muscles played and twitched. However, the grin never came to grace him with its presence.

    【 ♪ 】❝My mom and I go up there to try to negotiate treaties and whatever. I think she only likes going up there to prank all the high-ranking angels.❞ His lips finally turned up into that of a genuine smile, the atmosphere providing sweet compliment to his mood. ❝To be honest, I don’t even know why the glob she brings me with ‘er. It’s not like the angels want to speak with me, I’m not king yet.

Y e t . The word reverberated throughout his mind.

      What had made him so sure that he was guaranteed the top spot in the Nightosphere? Was it due to the fact that his mother was queen? She was the ultimate ruler? Or did he bear enough confidence to assure himself that his strength, ability, and stamina would lead him through the fierce journey to title?

       He had been working towards this his entire life… All those hours of merciless training were to prepare him for the battle that stood ahead. All Marshall could do was stand idle as his future crept closer and closer with each waking moment.

"I’m not king yet."

Unknown to him, those words carved into her mind like onto a stone table. He could have kept talking for hours, still that simple phrase would be the only thing she’d have kept thinking of. Him, Marshall, the King of the Nightosphere. Her friend, the only one she could trust, would in a moment or another turn into what her race feared and despised the most. The unholyiest of all beings, the one they would endlessly fight against.

A deep melancholy invaded her whole being, withering even the smallest of her good spirits, like a creeper curling its intricate patterns around her. A foreign knot muted her for a few seconds, while her thoughts piled and piled and piled on an immense pyramid, where every next anxiety was worse. She would lose him, and that was unavoidable. She’d lose him, her dearest, and there was nothing she could do against it. It was his destiny, who he was bound to become.

He was bound to become her enemy and most profund fear.

That could be their last evening together, in peace with each other and giving each other peace, and she wouldn’t know until it was too late. Until the certain happened.

She swallowed her gloom, but the ghostly scowl that depressed her lips just the slightest wouldn’t leave her. The angel tried desesperately to find something to say, but couldn’t find words that fitted her thoughts, without sounding emotional. She couldn’t speak her thoughts, not right now.

"So… Uh…", her voice finally spoke again. Her voice, not her mind. " What’dya think of them? The angels, I mean.", she bit her lips , and not once looked at him, afraid to break down. However, she let out a forced laugh, before correcting herself. "The other ones."

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